June 10, 2009


The group admin of our ISOT Ladies Etsy Turkish Team, Nil of http://www.nakpunar.etsy.com/ has created a unique treasury list.

12 members picked a word of the group slogan "TURKEY-where Asia and Europe meet; ISOT-where beauty and quality meet"; pictured themselves with that particular word that was written in different ways and added that picture to an existing item of their Etsy shop. And then our admin Nil created a treasury list with those particular items and you can see this amazing treasury in the below link:
Nil picked the word "TURKEY" for me, because she wanted me to use my TURKIYE wall quilt. This quilt on which I appliqued the tourism logo of Turkey is very precious for me; because it's one of the first quilts I had made and every time I look at it I see the beautiful sceneries of my home country Turkey! I wouldn't sell it for anything!

June 1, 2009


This is my new product: Emery Grain Pincushion! I filled the hexagon flower pincushion with emery grain that I got from my friend Nil of http://www.nakpunar.etsy.com/.
Emery grain is a very hard rock and mixed with other species of mineral, it becomes extremely abrasive. Every time you stick your needle or pin into an emery pincushion, it cleans it off the natural oils in your fingers and any impurities in your cloth. It also sharpens the very tip of your needle.
I express my sincere thanks here again to Nil to let me use her emery for my pincushion!

I haven't added this to my Etsy shop yet, but its price will be $14 and all you can to do to get it is to contact me, you know.

EDIT: It's in my shop now (6/1). Today I added it. Please click the title to go to the item's page! But there are more coming! :)