April 6, 2009

I Joined the Blogspot, too!

This is my first attempt to create my own blog. I can't wait to see the results! Most of my friends have their own blogs and I envy them for this. I know it will be hard to find something to write every day, but at least I started one.:) Now it's time to get to find my way in this new world of blogging!
I'll try to post my quilted items and patchwork adventure here as soon as I can. You will find some of my favorite blogs and websites here in my blog.
Good luck to me in this new activity of my life!

I'm attaching my beloved fabric evil eye colony for good luck! :)
(Nazar degmesin diye ilk resim olarak sevgili goz boncuklarimi ekliyorum! :) )


  1. Kolay gelsin Inci,simdiden hayirli olsun ..

  2. Cok tesekkurler Bahar Hanim. Ama anlamam ve yanlis bir islem yapmamak icin dikkatli ve yavas calismam gerek galiba. Sizlere sormam gereken sorular simdiden suruyle! :)

  3. Congratulations and happy blogging!:)

  4. Inci welcome to blogging... It is so much fun , you will see

  5. İnci merhabalar,
    Ben yeni isotlu Pelin :))
    Blogun hayırlı olsun. Göz boncukların da harikaaa :) Ekliyorum hemen blog listeme blogunu

  6. Tesekkurler, Pelin. Ben de goz boncuklarimi cok seviyorum. Henuz satamadim ama olsun...Onlar benim bebeklerim gibi...:)