April 26, 2009


I go to Oklahoma City every Friday to meet my Japanese friends. Before I meet them I always stop at the Jo-Ann Fabrics at which I buy most of my fabrics. For me, it's like a fabric heaven! Besides this store, there are several quilt shops I like to go in Oklahoma City, but they generally have higher prices than these Jo-Ann chain stores. Still, I buy at them also. Fabric addiction is like nothing else. It's a new weakness for me, so I try not to go to shop so as not to buy any more fabrics. But it's still very hard not to go!

毎週の金曜日、日本人友達と会うためにオクラホマシティに行きます。家を早く出て、昼頃に彼らと会う前に、いつもJo-Ann Fabrics という布屋さんにも立ち寄るようにしています。布をほとんどこのお店で買っています。ここは私にとって布のパラダイスみたいなところです。このお店のほかに、別のキルトのお店もありますが、それらの値段は2倍高いですよ。それでもあそこでも買ってしまいます。布にはまってしまったら、やめられないのですよ。これは私の新弱点で、布を買わないようにお店に行かないようにしていますが、それも難しいですね。

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  1. I too love Jo-anns. Whenever I feel down, I stop by there and browse thru new fabrics or just sit down at the patterns table and flip the pages of pattern books and I instantly feel better :) I have tons of fabrics too so I totally undersatnd your weakness LOL