April 21, 2009


My fabric labels that I had ordered 2 weeks ago from my fellow Etsian madamehoux's Feyza's husband Fatih of hobbytime have arrived today!! I was a little anxious at the beginning. But they turned out to be very cute !! Thank you so much guys, Feyza and Fatih!
Over a lengthy phone conversation, we decided on what kind of design I want on my labels beside my name which was a cute primitive tulip group, and an evil eye! These fabric labels come like stickers on a A4 sheet. When you remove the labels from the paper, they're not sticky, so you can sew them easily on whatever you like. I lost no time sewing each label on the inside lining of the purses I made, and I liked very much how they looked inside the purses. The part I liked most is the running stitch-like borders of the labels. They acted like guidelines for sewing which is very nice.

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