May 13, 2009


These are my beloved "kai no kuchi" colony! Some of them are new for my trip to Turkey, some are old, the remnants from my craft shows. I intend to give them to my friends and family as gifts during the summer. Since they're different and rarer than most of the things they see around, people love them dearly.
I love making them! And they're the best seller of my Etsy shop. Some years ago, a Japanese friend of mine gave me one as a gift. This was my first time to see a traditional Japanese handicraft "kai no kuchi" container and it was all her handwork! I admired it and used it as a holder for my wedding ring a long time. I kept it in my purse all the time and when I felt like taking off the wedding ring for some reason, I put it in the kai no kuchi! It was so convenient to carry one!

After I had started patchwork, I came across a how-to for a kai no kuchi box in a Japanese patchwork magazine and I thought "why don't I give it a try? It looks very easy to make!" I always have to convince myself first that I can make it; I start making whatever it is in my head first and I virtually completed it all in my head , then I start sewing. This is what I do normally.

In case of kai no kuchi, it looked very easy in my head, but when I really started to make it, I realized it was difficult than what I had expected. It required some meticulous planning of production steps. In the end I had to invent my own sewing order and some tricks to make it easier to sew.
This is the first "kai no kuchi" I made and sold! I used vintage kimono fabric for this and I liked how it looked and felt to my touch! It turned out to be very cute! And to my surprise, people loved it so much and right now I'm selling them quite satisfactorily.

Recently I decided to sell my kai no kuchi boxes (and the other hand made things you have seen in my Etsy shop for that matter) and to take custom orders also through this blog of mine! Especially for the fellows who find online shopping tiresome, boring, difficult and sometimes insecure. All you have to do is just to contact me at! If you like my hand made items, but you don't have enough courage to do that going on and registering to purchase that item, just email me! I'm sure we can work something out and I can make you a special one!

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  1. Pretty Lady,

    Yes, I fell in love with these small treasures since the day I saw virtually here, carissima. I agree that it must be a production of your hardwork and dedication.
    Would I be the one of those lucky ones whom you'll gift in Ist'l;)
    Vintage kimono fabric, oh yep its one of my most fave fabs. I'd lie at your doorstep to take its scraps, lol)
    In short, a successful intro to invite interested ones to contact w/you. Wish you the best luck:)

    PS- Flamenco show by Maria Pages was more than saying stunning! Enjoyed so very much. It was completely full, and CRR took me back those yrs when I were taking a role in the stage for Japanese performance and activities.. My God, what a years..