August 13, 2009

My Vacation in Turkey is about to End!

My vacation in Turkey is about to end in Aug.17! It ended in a flash! I have been here in Turkey since June 15. That means it's been 2 months, but for me it was like a week!

In the above picture, Fethi and I was in Foca in June, a small resort town on the Aegean Sea coastline of Turkey.

I did a Turkey tour with my 4 old Japanese friends between July 31-Aug.7 after a 5 year break and that was very good for my confidence as a tour guide. I'm gonna post some photos from our Anatolian Tour later.

Our return journey begins in the early morning of Aug.17 in Istanbul. We're gonna arrive at Oklahoma City on the same day, but in the evening of Aug.17 in Oklahoma. I have lots to do when I get back home. I have a custom purse order to complete and then hopefully a wholesale kai no kuchi order. I can't wait to be back home! I missed my hobby room. In the meantime, I need a craft cabinet to store some of my craft tools and materials!

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