January 27, 2012


Hello friends, after a long silence!

I am doing well. Very busy with my tours with Japanese tourists...But during winter I got some time to get a rest at home and work for my Etsy shop after a long while.

In the above picture, you can see a collaboration with my sister: Hand-quilted patchwork Ipad/Ipad2 case/sleeve. We made this one during 2011 summer vacation at our summer house in Sile, Istanbul. My sister pieced the fabrics and I did the rest, as always! :)

I was not sure how long this case would sit on my Etsy shop. Because the market is full of very attractive leather Ipad cases. But we need not to wait for long. After a 3 month-long wait, it was sold to USA! 3 months are not very long period for me, because there are some items in my shop that are still waiting a long time for a customer to come for them.

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