October 1, 2012

NEW COVER FROM maNga: "YA EVDE YOKSAN" ("What if you're not home?")

maNga has joined forces with other famous singers on a tribute album that was dedicated to famous Turkish all-around music man Orhan Gencebay. maNga performed "Ya Evde Yoksan" (What if you're not home?) for this album. They created a much more different version than Gencebay's, which reflects maNga's usual hard rock sound. The YouTube link is as follows:

maNga - YA EVDE YOKSAN (What if you're not home?)

And this is the original version of Orhan Gencebay:

What did you think? Which one is better? :)
I think their rock sound has carried this classic Gencebay song from years ago to 21st century Turkey. Thanks very much, maNga guys!

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