December 30, 2012


OZGUR Q & A / 29 Dec 2012

Özgür did an unexpected Q&A on Dec 29, 2012 surprisingly during the "Best Of" episode of Kulaktan Kulaga. I asked him some questions, too and I got answers for most of them except for one. :) This is the transcription:

1- What are the 3 things that you can want with you in a desert island?
A: Just a satellite phone. That will do.

2- Have you ever thought about singing a duet with a fan?
A: No.

3-Is there any band that impressed you very much in the concert?
A: Tool, Radical Noise

4- Do you have any concert that you can't forget?
A: 2004 Rockİstanbul Faithless

5-Which countries do you want to see the most?
A: Japan, Thailand, South America and Greenland

6-When can we see the music video of Ben Bir Palyacoyum?
A: We don't know it yet, either. Hopefully very soon.

7-Do you have any book or movies that you're impressed by?
A : Puslu Kitalar Atlasi (Atlas of Misty Continents by İhsan Oktay Anar), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Crow

8-How were your grades of Science at school? If it's good, how did you study it?
A: I studied at science high school, and then astronomy. Don't ask me which subject! Sit down and study hard!

9-Were you fond of drums when you were a kid?
A: I started playing drums at 17!

10-Do you plan any concerts in Munich, Germany or Bursa?
A: You can find the fixed concert dates on our web site.

11- What is your favorite book and who is your favorite writer?
A: There are lots of books. My favorite writer is İhsan Oktay Anar.

12-What do you think about an exclusive interview only for the internet with the representatives of the biggest maNga fan pages on the internet? (This was my question!)
A: It could be.

13-With whom can we get in touch for this? (My question)
A: I'll let you know. (Wooow!!)

14-When will you come to Baku?
A: Soon.

15-Which American TV show do you watch?
A: Homeland

16-What is your biggest dream for the New Year?
A: A new bike.

17-If a young band would come to you and ask for help for releasing an album, what would you say?
A: It could be, but we have some similar projects that we're working on right now.

18-What do you say to a fan who's been a fan for a long time but never had a chance to see you in person?
A: Come to the concerts!

19-Do you think Rumble is a good name for a band?
A: It's good for the USA.

20-What is your favorite episode of Kulaktan Kulaga?
A: The episode where Ferman went to Sivas.

21-Why has the Ankara concert on Dec 21 been cancelled?
A: I don't know.

22-Do you like Muse?
A: Yes.

23-How about a concert in Amsterdam?
A: It would be good.

24-Have you ever thought of making a solo album?
A: No.

25-What is maNga doing these days?
A: Recording at the studio.

26-Whose idea was "Galvanize" for the Cover Round at the Soundclash? Who suggested that song? (My question)
A: It was a joint decision with Athena.

27-Do you have already any title in your mind for the new album?
A: No.

28-What do you think about a duet with Birol of Gripin or Yusuf of Zakkum?
A: We had already worked with them on the stage and in the album. They are our close friends.

29-Do you like One Direction?
A: I don't know. I haven't listened to them before.

30-Were you really surprised by the Mehter and the belly dancers at the Soundclash? Didn't you really have a clue? (My question)
A: We knew about the Mehter, but the belly dancers were really a surprise for us, too!

31-Then Athena didn't know about your showgirls? (My question)
A: They saw them during the rehearsals. (!!!)

32-Is there any foreign musician with whom you'd like to collaborate?
A: Dubioza Kolektiv of Bosnia would be great.

33-Which was the most amusing round of Soundclash for you?
A: The Takeover.

34-Where are you now? At home, or at the studio?
A: I'm at my drum studio.

35-Which one is your favorite soccer team in Europe?
A: I'm not into soccer much. I don't like it, either. I support BJK for no reason. Other than that, I have no idea about it at all.

36-How do you remember about your childhood?
A: What? Are you a shrink?

37-Do you like and listen to Green Day?
A: Yes.

38-What did you buy for Ferman's birthday?
A: Speakers.

39- Will "All We Need is Everyone" be in the English album?
A: Yes.

40-Do you know that you have won the poll for "Duet of the Year" with "Hani Biz" on Number1Turk TV"
A: That's super! Do you have the link?

41-Who is the most fanatical among you?
A: Cem.

42-Do you play any other instrument beside drums?
A: I'm trying to play bass guitar.

43-The last book you have read?
A: Old Man's War by John Scalzi

That's it. Now I'm eagerly awaiting his tweet.:)

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