January 10, 2013


Hello, maNga & Kulaktan Kulaga fans all over the world! I have an announcement to make!

I'm doing a survey regarding the traffic from out of Turkey flowing into my blog. This is not only a survey but will be a giveaway contest at the same time. I'm going to give away one of these pretty Japanese-originated jewelry boxes "Kai no Kuchi" ("Shell's Mouth"), hand made by me. You're going to love these boxes! :) 

For this, please leave a comment on this blogpost and explain to me why you visit my blogposts about maNga & "Kulaktan Kulaga"; what attracts you the most and why you love maNga & their music. It doesn't matter whether your comment is short or long. Just a sentence will do. And I need you to state your full name and your country; ONE entry per person, please. And friends, you don't need a blogger account to leave a comment. You can leave your comment as anonymous. But just don't forget to put your name and your country in your comment.

The winner will be chosen at random by lots from all the entries. Competition closes on Jan. 18, 2013. Thanks very much for helping me and good luck to all!


  1. Actually, I got here somehow from Pinterest, I think. And I am here because of interest about different people. It's very interesting to read about different kind of people around world.
    And I love those small boxes, looks so cute!

    -Zane Sproge from Latvia-

  2. Ivana_art_lover1/10/2013 3:18 PM

    hahahha im happy that im first who will comment..well my dear i dont know from where to start.First of all your blog is great and your idea is unique nobody else thought about us, worldwide maNga fans...kulaktan kulaga is a great show, one of the best that i ever watched cause it has so noble purpose to preserve Turkish old songs from oblivion.Thanks to this show and your translations, we learn something more about Turkish culture,your style of life and of course we watch lovely Ferman:;)hahah...and i cant explain how much Turkey means to me..
    oh and now the most difficult question why do i love maNga?Many people ask me that...well many fans will say cause they are unique and wonderful and lovely, but for me they are even more than that,their music is special and each of song has a edifying message to us and every single human on this planet.maNga for me is a part of family.. really aahha everybody in my family and all my friends know who maNga is.Also through maNga i met so many wonderful people from all around the world, i even got a friend which i adore and know for all most 3 years.maNga connects people all around the world! I dont want to be pathetic but their songs helped me soooo much in difficult days which i still have...i wrote this message not for a present but to show u that the things that u do as a maNga fan to the other maNga fans is wonderful!!!Again thank u for every single word that u write to us, with every your comment i feel like im one step closer to maNga and Turkey...buyuk opucuk Sirbistan'dan, Ivana Miletic

  3. Merhaba!
    Well, you know that I LOVE maNga, it's my passion, but language has always been like a wall for a non-Türk fan, and I'm so grateful with you for helping me and other people to know a lot of things about maNga and Kulaktan Kulağa that in other way we couldn't know.
    You're doing a very good job and, as I've said, I'm so grateful for getting my passion closer to me :)
    And why do I love maNga?? Because they make a really good music that really makes me feel a lot of incredible things, emotions that I thought lost that have helped me in bad times, and they are great guys, always so nice and close to their fans.
    What else can I say? :)
    Thanks Inci and thanks maNga <3

    -Esther del Castillo from Spain-

  4. Hello!
    I love maNga because i love them musik! When i listen them live understand that this band is the best band in the world! I love Kulaktan Kulağa because i listen very beautiful musik and songs and i learn many places of Turkey and many informations for this places! I love this guys because, like we say in Greece, THEY ARE ALL THE MONEY THIS GUYS!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 kisses many to all!!!

    Anastasia from Salonika,Greece

  5. Merhaba! :)
    Well first of all when I first found this blog I couldn't believe how lucky I was.I've always been watching maNga's interviews but I couldn't understand anything as I'm still a beginner at Turkish...all we non Turkish maNga fans would be lost without Inci's translations of their interviews and Kulaktan Kulaga's episodes! :)
    Why do I love maNga? Oh that's a tough one!I know it'll sound too cliché,but those guys changed my life!They really did! I started studying Turkish because of them,I started taking vocal lessons because of Ferman and I met so many great people who became good friends of mine among the maNga fans!maNga connects people through their incredible music and I will always be grateful for the emotions they made me feel.I remember when I first saw them on Eurovision...I fell in love at once!I hope they will visit Greece again this year,unfortunately I couldn't go to Samos when they came for concert in 2011(but I talked on the phone with Fermaaan :D :D :D What an awkward moment that was,God! :P)
    Teşekkürler Inci & maNga! <3 <3

    Laura Ikonomou from Greece

  6. Teşekkürler İnci,
    Güzel bir çalışma başlatmışsın. Bu güzel çalışmada sana başarılar diliyorum. Destek ve iyi dileklerim seninle.

  7. Since many years I’m in love with Turkey and it’s people. With Ferman’s show Kulaktan Kulağa it’s so great to learn more about Turkey, the places and the music. I always have been fond of Turkish music in general. With Ferman doing this it makes it a lot easier to watch. I just love his views, insights and his love for music and people. These beautiful places and old songs combined with well known artists from these days makes the show very approachable and interesting and this fantastic blog with the English translations makes it even more easy to watch the episodes or to watch them again, understanding so much more. I can only understand some very simple sentences in Turkish. It’s a really great job you’re doing here Inci, and very much appreciated. Why I love maNga so much? It’s hard to tell, it’s a continuous feeling of love. These guys are so talented and nice. Their music touches me right into my soul. I just loooove every single song of them, which is not so easy to say about a singer or a band. They are unique and I love to know everything about them, what they are doing, what their plans are. They are a part of my life. So this blog is just ingenious to me. Because again, it’s not so easy to follow maNga’s every step when everything is in Turkish only. I’m doing my very best and always will, but with your blog, Inci it’s just more comfortable. So, that’s it. I hope you will continue your blog forever. Love, hugs, kisses and enormous appreciation
    from Wendy Van Dam, Brussels, Belgium xxx <3

  8. Oh and one more thing: I hope they will read our comments and say something back! :D

    Wendy Van Dam, Brussels, Belgium

  9. Hi ,to all! :)
    Everytime, when I hear MaNga songs I'm making sure, that music works wonders! These incredible melody with Turkish gleam, I love that!♥
    I would like to say all members of MaNga a BIG thank you, because you make a great job ;) Good luck and I'll look forward for new songs!
    Please, don't forget come to Ukraine!!! :) We love MANGA!
    Oksana Pukhalska/ Ukraine

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  19. I Googled 'how to make a Kai No Kuchi (Shell's Mouth) box' and found your blog with your beautiful little boxes.