January 22, 2013

MANGA TRENDY INTERVIEW #529 21-27/1/2013


Pinar Yilmazerler: What can we expect from the new album that maNga is working on right now? We know it will be a surprise, but can you tell us a bit about it?

MaNga: We can say, "The most energetic, the most distinctive, the best album of maNga is coming soon!"

PY: There are maNga fans who are saying, "The old maNga was harder. We wish they would be like that again". Is what they say true, or how much of it is correct?

MaNga: In fact, there are no such things like old maNga or new maNga. We sometimes make hard songs, sometimes we don't. We think that the songs of "e-akustik" are misunderstood as "maNga's new style".

PY: How was this Redbull Soundclash concert idea born?

MaNga: It's a music event that Redbull has held in various countries and continents for years. They wanted to work with us and Athena when they have held it in Turkey for the first time. We accepted it very excitedly.

PY: How was the audience's interest?

MaNga: The tickets were sold out long before the concert. There were bewildered and curious people looking at us at the stage. They were as excited as we were. This made the show very spectacular.

PY: Do you think that the rockers are with less ego? Because we can see the famous rock bands in the same projects lately. What do you think?

MaNga: It's different to be in a festival for the bands like us. There is no room for ego there. The goal is to have fun and get together with the audience. But of course we respect one another.

PY: With whom would you like to sing a duet song in the near future?

MaNga: We have Dhafer Youssef in our minds for a long time. We hope we can do it.

PY: What about the long-expected English album? Is it coming, too?

MaNga: We are recording both English and Turkish albums right now. We'll get the English and Turkish songs together.

PY: You have a computer game. Would you like to be in a TV show or a movie?

MaNga: With a good script, why not?

PY: Would you like to compose music for a TV show? Because it became an important sector recently and I think it has to be considered seriously.

MaNga: We're getting this sort of offers, but we couldn't come to an understanding so far. In fact, it's something that we'd like to do and we believe we'll enjoy doing.

PY: Do you live a life that you dream about now?

MaNga: Our dream was to live with music, make money from music and to be on tour. That's exactly what we do right now.

PY: Would you accept another Eurovision offer?

MaNga: Maybe in the coming years. You have to give a break some time.

PY: Do you listen to your own songs except for recording them?

MaNga: While we're working on an album, we constantly listen to them. After a while, we sometimes listen to them in order to see what we've done with them.

PY: Which Turkish musicians do you listen?

MaNga: We listen to every singer, every band. We don't enjoy all of them though...So it's not right to give names. The list is long.

PY: Is there any dream that's yet to be realized?

MaNga: A world tour.

PY: Have you ever made a scene? (as reference to "Rezalet ÇıkarasımVar"/"I Feel Like Making A Scene")

MaNga: Of course we have made a scene. That song was for the ones who couldn't make a scene.

PY: maNga fans say "we always tell them what we think about them. Can you please ask them what they think about us?"

MaNga: We answer that from time to time, but it's a difficult question. We consider ourselves as the leaders of a gang and this gives us a weird sense of power.

PY: Would you like to give a message about using the Turkish language properly?

MaNga: Turkish is being used very badly recently. Especially the young generation couldn't learn how to use the particle "de"/"da" which is always written separately. And one more thing: let's emphasize that email is different from text message. We should always put a "Hello" at the beginning and a "Sincerely" at the end.

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