January 19, 2013


Many thanks to everyone who took part in my giveaway contest for a chance to win a pretty kai no kuchi fabric jewelry box. The competition has ended last night and I have drawn a lot last night and the winner is....LAURA IKONOMOU from Greece. Congratulations, Laura! I am going to get in touch with you on Facebook today.

As for your precious comments about maNga and Kulaktan Kulaga, I'll do my best to give them to maNga boys on Feb.7 concert as a printed WORD document! This was my goal in the first place anyway. I wish I could get more comments, but these comments are like a summary of how you feel about them anyway, so don't worry! They will know about you, the foreign fans now!

But from now on, please don't hesitate to leave comments about them on my maNga blogposts. Eventually, I'll convey them to maNga.

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