October 25, 2009


I received a custom order of 2 hexagon flower box purses last week. The lady who placed the order wanted me to use her own fabrics of her own taste, so she sent me the fabrics. She wanted all the leftover fabrics back! It looks like she is an another fabric addict just like me! :) I understand how she feels about her fabrics very well!

One of the purses will be a Christmas present for her quilting friend. The lady says she'll try to keep it as a secret till Xmas, but she says it'll be very hard to do it! I sent the same pictures to the lady and I'm very glad that she liked the color combination.

The second purse is in the same color combo. But I'll use a different fabric for binding so they can tell them apart.

The fabrics she sent to me are of fabric designer Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics. I haven't heard anything about Jo Morton before but it turned out I had some of the same fabric line, too! So I used also them next to the lady's fabrics.

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