October 23, 2012


Cem at Caddebostan concert on Sept.1, 2012

Cem had his Q & A session on Sept.4, 2012 before Yagmur. It was so unexpected and out of the blue that everybody on Twitter was very surprised and they couldn't believe their eyes, because Cem's existence on Twitter is so rare and when he showed up on Twitter after a long silence, it was to announce that he was going to have an Q & A session on Oct.4! :) Neither "how about Oct.4?", nor "which day is more convenient for you?". He just dropped the bomb of "I'm having an Q & A on Oct.4" and ran away! :)

By the way, I had answers to my 2 questions! :) Questions #71 & #72 are my questions below.

Here is the transcription of Cem's Q & A:

1-He doesn't like control freak girls;
2-He's still got high anxiety;
3-Izmir reminds him of mussels;
4-He wants to perform a duet with Jamiroquai (?);
5-Ankara reminds him of the color gray;
6-maNgafans are their source of energy;
7-They're still thinking about how to compile the Turkish&English albums together;
8-They don't have any scheduled guest appearances on TV talk shows;
9-maNga invades his whole life right now, so he doesn't have any time for anything else;

10-He doesn't like his quick-tempered mood;
11-He doesn't follow many bands;
12-His favorite maNga song is Hepsi Bir Nefes (Ey Kor);
13-He's missing his hometown Denizli;
14-He misses pre-2004 Ankara;
15-He plans to be active on his Facebook account very soon;
16-He was always scared of being unsuccesful but managed to change it into a positive ambition;
17-He still feels nervous before stepping on stage. "If you aren't nervous any more, you have to put an end to your career";
18-They're planning to perform old songs in the concerts;
19-When he was a kid, he liked his miniature cars and Tiny Toons;
20-He thinks Antalya is too hot;
21-He might do some radical change about his hair;
22-Except for bass guitar he can play a little keyboard;
23-He liked the animation "Ice Age";
24-His advice for his young fans is "don't do anything you don't wanna do, don't listen to anyone, choose a profession that you enjoy the most, in that way you'll have a happy life!
25-Q: "If a fan comes to your door, would you let her/him in?" A: "If I'm available, why not? But don't!"
26-Q: "Would you like to re-live your life of last 5 years, or so?" A: "But you couldn't enjoy the life as much as you did for the first time!"
27-Q: "Is there anything you can't say NO right now?" A:"I can't say NO to you all now!"

28-He doesn't have any hobbies now 'cause he's too busy being a maNga guy! ;
29-He quarrels with his brother a lot;
30-His favorite city in Turkey is Istanbul;
31-His obsession is to try to finish what he's started no matter what;
32-maNga means the most important part of his life;
33-He liked the Pearl Jam concert the most;
34-They got used to be on the move, touring from town to town, from country to country;
35-Each maNga duet is differently tasteful;
36-He doesn't have any idea as to what he would want to be if he wasn't a maNga member;
37-maNga is his one and only project right now;
38-He watches US TV shows "Modern Family" and "The NewsRoom";
39-He loves driving very much;
40-Underwear (underpants) is a "must" for him! :)
41-The editing of the music video of "Ben Bir Palyacoyum" (I'm A Clown) from "e-akustik" is about to be completed!
42-He doesn't like disorderliness rather than mussiness, mussiness has a chaotic harmony in its own way;
43-He would never change a single bit of his life;
44-In the high school he hated all the subjects but sports class;
45-maNga has no plans to perform a duet with Hande Yener who's a female Turkish pop singer (Inci: I feel relieved, I don't like her)

46-Q: Another Turkish music band MODEL wants a duet with maNga. What do you think? A: Why not, if it suits our schedules?
47-He listened to hard rock too much in the 90's;
48-They're planning an online concert again in the future;
49-He wants to live in London except for Turkey;
50-He wants to try acting but he thinks it's too hard;
51-He walks 10 km every day;
52-Q: A fan called you "jerk!" and you said "thanks!". Is that true? A: Yes, because that was the first time someone called me that so sincerely!";
53-He looks for trustworthiness in a good friend;
54-He remembers the names of a lot of fans;
55-He once fell in love in elementary school;
56-The names of his dogs are Jaco and Tequila;
57-His advice to newly-founded bands are "don't give up!";
58-We'll probably hear his vocals "very clearly" in the new albums!
59-There must be some boundaries to everything but it's essential to make good use of social networks in this internet era!
60-When he first started to play with maNga, he didn't even know their names properly;
61-He never gets bored with Guy Ritchie movies;
62-His family supported him nicely until he finished the university, but he professionally joined maNga, they objected severely. But he didn't listen to them;
63-He wasn't a naughty boy when he was a kid;
64-The last album he bought is MODEL's;

65-He reads 3-4 newspapers every day, just the editorials;
66-His favorite color is dark blue;
67-He'd like to see France;
68-Q: Is there a turning point in your life? A: Yes-That's when Ferman called & asked "There is a band called maNga...Would you play with them?" ;
69-Q: Which one is the most easily recorded song of "e-akustik" album? A: "Cevapsiz Sorular" at just one recording, thanks to Ferman and Yamy! ;
70-They don't plan to include that Greek song in an album (what a pity!).
71-His white T-shirt with big piano keys on it is specially designed for him by QUE (This was one of my questions!) .
72-Ferman's new TV show "Kulaktan Kulaga" won't affect the new albums, because they made all the time planning around Ferman's schedule (my other question).
73-Q: Do you have a good luck charm that you carry anywhere? A: Yes, it's the fabric "maNga" banner on the Efe's turntable!...They even carried that banner to their ESC2010 stage! :) ;
74-He doesn't think they would go to ESC one more time!......He said "we had our ESC chance, now it's other bands' turn!"

Cem broke "the most answered questions" record among maNga guys in this Q&A! Thanks so much, Cem!

Now it's Efe's turn. We expect an Q & A from him, too! Hopefully soon! :)


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