October 25, 2012


Ferman at Caddebostan basketball game on Sept.1, 2012
(photo by Selin Balıkçı)
It was Ferman who started this Q & A thing in August 2012. But he made us wait for his convenience for one month until Sept.2! Maybe he just wanted to wait for the first concert of the fall season in Istanbul which is at Caddebostan on Sept.1, 2012. One day after the Caddebostan concert, he had his first Q & A with the fans on Twitter. This is the transciption of that Q & A below:

1-What do you think about your fans?
I realized one more time yesterday that we were having a great time together.

(He meant the Caddebostan concert the previous day)

2-How many days did you stay when you came to Edirne on March 28th?
I don't remember.

3-What do you think about Yagmur's new hair?
It's gorgeous!

4-Do you still have the fear of dark?

5-Have you ever thought about a tour covering all the 81 provinces?
This is our biggest dream. We can do it with the help of a sponsor.

6-Do you pray? If so, what do you do?
I have an amulet I have around my neck all the time, which there is a written prayer inside. I got it from my mother 15 years ago. I never take if off.

7-Have you ever thought about acting?
It's a surpriseee! (He said that, because there is a rumor about maNga would be guest in an episode of Star TV's hit comedy show "İşler Güçler". There is another question about this below)

8-If your fans get a tattoo saying "Ferman Akgül" on their arms, do you like it?
Don't when I'm still alive!

9-Will you make another documentary about your tours?
Yes. I'll make another one on 2011 Fanta Tour.

10-What would it be about if you would write a book?
I might write something about maNga in the future.

11-It's Yagmur that produces the new album, right?
Yes, and a surprise name!

12-What's the reason of your addiction to old cars? Do you have a memory?
I feel very sorry for the thrown-away cars! I don't think it's quite right to spend so much money on cars. It's better to get the old ones modified.

13-Did you quit adding friends on Facebook?
I don't use that account any more. It just stays as it is.

14-Is there an singer that you want to perform a duet together?
Dhafer Youssef.

15-What is that new tattoo on your arm?
It's a cat.

16-We loved that Greek song you made a cover, "Ti Einai Auto Pou Mas Enwei" very much. Will there be a Turkish version of it in the new album?
No. It's more beautiful that way, in the Greek form.

17-Who should represent Turkey in ESC 2013, according to you?
A new, no-name singer or band. There should be a public selection.

18-Were you a naughty boy when you were little?
No, I was told that I was not.

19-Have you watched the fan video of "Ben Bir Palyacoyum" on You Tube? Do you think we understood what you were trying to tell?
No. Send me the link.

20-We've heard that when you stayed together with the other guys, you had quarrelled a lot with Cem. Is that true?
I think he scolded us quite a bit.

21-Among the concerts you went, was there any that made you think "Wow!"?
Faithless, Roger Waters, Napalm Death.

22-What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I don't know.

23-Ankara missed you very much.
So did we.

24-Have you ever thought about changing the genre of music you're making?
There will be many changes in the new album, I think.

25-Will the next album be only in English?

26-Which is the song that you wrote in the shortest time?

27-Is there a gesture that you made it a habit before you got on the stage?
We say "maNga" three times together and I kiss my necklace.

28-What does "Dove Trainer" ("Guvercin Egitmeni") that you put in your Twitter profile mean?
It doesn't mean anything.

29-What do you think when someone say "Izmir"?

30-What was the weirdest thing that a fan said to you? Did you get angry?
No, I didn't. She said, "I'll marry you someday!"

31-What makes you angry the most? What is your biggest weakness?
To lie. I always think everybody is good.

32-Is there really a project called "Kulaktan Kulaga"?
Yes. TRT and I will announce it soon. The shootings already started.

33-Will you really be in the "İşler Güçler" comedy show?
We'd love to, but we haven't decided on the date yet.

34-Why did the band members change their hairdos?
The got bored. I might do something different any moment, too.

35-What was the movie that impressed you the most?
I don't have a good memory. Let me think.

36-What is the name that you like the most? Or is there any other name that you make you think "I wish my name would be..."?
I don't prefer any other name than mine, but I like the name "Aaron" very much.

37-Then, why do you use "Ferman", not "İbrahim"?
It's just a simple preference. (İnci: By the way, "Ferman" means "Imperial Order of a Sultan")

38-Which song's acoustic version is more beautiful?
It's "We Could Be The Same".

39-We know that you have high anxiety. So, what did you feel when you jumped off from the plane with a parachute in the Hayko Cepkin's program "Extreme-G" on TRT?
I trust Hayko in every way.

40-Do you have a habit that you don't like?
I'm very fussy. This can be very frustrating sometimes.

41-Have you ever watched a Harry Potter movie?
I'm not into it at all.

42-Have you ever read a John Steinbeck novel?
No. I'm right now examining Sunay Akin's books and I think you should really read them.

43-Do you watch TV shows?
I don't watch foreign TV shows. I can't follow local ones any more. I missed "Avrupa Yakasi-European Side" (A Turkish sitcom).

44-Which part of İzmir do you like the most?

45-Do you like Sebnem Ferah ( a famous female Turkish rocker) and Duman (a famoous Turkish rock band) ?
I like them both.

46-Which movie affected you the most?
It's Fountain.

47-You were going to make a music video for Klişe who got the jury award at Fanta Stage during Fanta Tour 2011. When do you think you can do it?
I'd like to, but this is not something I can do it by myself.

48-Have you seen "V for Vendetta"? If so, what did you think?
It was very inspiring.

49-Whose concert did you last go?
I think Macy Gray's and Goksel's.

50-Do you listen to Turkish pop music?
Of course.

51-Do you cook?
I cook fish very well.

52-What kind of movies do you like?
Horror and sci-fi movies.

53-Would you like to write a movie scenario?
I'll write one some day.

54-Which time period would you like to go through a time tunnel?
I like 1800s very much.

55-Do you like Apocalyptica?

56-If I come across you on the road and call you "Uncle Ferman" (Ferman Amca), what would you say?
Don't call me that!

57-You performed in the concert after the basketball game. Were you tired?
On the contrary, not at all.

58-Is there any movie that you could watch on and on without getting bored?
Alien series.

59-When you can't compose music, is there anything you do that you believe it will bring good luck?
I change places.

60-Your favorite song?
Recently it's Lana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness.

61-Is there any team in Spanish Soccer League that you sympathize?
Any team except for Barcelona.

62-Is there anyone that you get inspiration when you write lyrics?

63-Do you prefer watching TV or surfing on the internet?
Both, a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

64-Should I listen to maNga?
Never mind.

65-If you could control the world, would you try to change the world's order?
I wouldn't get involved in any way.

We enjoyed this Q & A so much that we started looking forward the next one. The next one was surprisingly Cem's one month after this one. :)

In the meantime, you enjoy the pictures of Ferman at Caddebostan below:


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