October 21, 2012


"KIYIKÖYÜM HASTAYIM SANA" rearranged by Ferman Akgül
("My Beloved Kiyikoy, I'm addicted to you!")

This is the first folk song that came out of KULAKTAN KULAGA that was converted into a fusion of Turkish folk and rock music, also known as "Anatolian Rock".

A Sleepy Ferman on the first day of the shooting

This episode's lucky song is from Kirklareli which is a border city on the European region of Thrace of Turkey. It has a coastline on the Black Sea. Rich in natural beauties and history, the little town of Kiyikoy is mainly a fisherman's village. Thrace is famous with its lively and flirtatious rhythm and melodies. The history of the Balkan region is full of wars. The people is used to wars, sorrowful population exchanges and tears. For them this is life and it goes on and on no matter what. Because of that, they expressed themselves mostly with lively melodies that make you dance and accompany whenever you hear it and with songs about living cheerfully as if there is no end!

The reason why Ferman went to this little town is that he had seen a newspaper article about Kiyikoy and went there to get inspiration for maNga's "Sehr-i Huzun" album in 2009. This is his 4th time in the town.
A Treasure Hunter Ferman
When he first visited this little town of Kiyikoy 4-5 years ago, he said that the village people thought of him a treasure hunter! :) In the last scene he shot in the town, he was on the beach in a pirate's cloak just to remember this memory from years ago. He dug out a pet bottle on the beach. He was trying to say that the only thing he was going to steal from this lovely town was just thrash!

Ferman explaining about darbuka essentials

Ferman picked a merry folk song about "how beautiful Kiyikoy is in comparison with Aegean Sea or Mediterranean Sea" to recreate in this first episode. First we heard it in a local keyboard player Erdogan Abi's (Brother Erdogan) voice who mostly played in the wedding parties. He recorded this song in Erdogan's voice in the cafe. And then he and Cagatay Sen from maNga team rearranged it in maNga's recording studio in Istanbul which Ferman called it as "maNga's Sanctuary". Ferman said that maNga's Cem, Ozgur and "The Boss" Yagmur also played in the re-recordings of the song and especially Yagmur contributed in the arrangement with his unique ideas!

Ferman and Cagatay in the process of rearranging the song

And this episode's guest star is female rocker Gökçe. Ferman and Cagatay thought of her voice the best when they had worked on the song for the first time in the studio. Gökçe came along and she recorded the song according to Ferman and Cagatay's directions. She also had some ideas as to how the musical arrangement would be the best. She even taught Ferman how to dance alla turca! It's very rare to see Ferman dancing alla turca, so it was fun to see them dancing together in the studio!

Gokce teaches Ferman how to dance Thracian style

And the final product was an Erdogan Abi-Gokce duet! It was really changed into an Anatolian rock song in the magical hands of Ferman, Cagatay and probably Yagmur. Therefore, we gained a new piece of music for dancing in the wedding parties that we, Turks like very much!

Gökçe, singing KIYIKÖYÜM HASTAYIM SANA in the "maNga's Sanctuary"
(video uploaded to YouTube by Barişcan Özay)

Ferman thrilled us with his program of a different concept so much that we will be looking forward to each Saturday very eagerly and cancel all the appointments only for him.

We wish him good luck in this musical expedition of him!


Cik Karadeniz'den bak guneye
Kiyikoy'um benim, on basar Ege'ye

Ne Bodrum, ne de Antalya
Kiyikoyum benim, hastayim sana
Ne Bodrum, ne de Antalya
Kiyikoy'um benim, on basar Ege'ye


Sail out from the Black Sea and look southward
My Beloved Kiyikoy is much much better than the Aegean Sea

Neither Bodrum, nor Antalya
My Beloved Kiyikoy, I'm addicted to you
Neither Bodrum, nor Antalya
My Beloved Kiyikoy is much much better than the Aegean Sea

You can watch the full episode 1 on the You Tube link below:

You can watch the episodes online on TRT MUZIK's KULAKTAN KULAGA video page:


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