October 20, 2012


Ferman in Izmir Bademler Village...

maNga's Ferman Akgul's music documentary "KULAKTAN KULAGA" ("From Ear to Ear")  will be on air tonight on TRT Muzik channel. This is something that the fans have been awaiting for some time now.

The slogan of the documentary is "Get ready for the duet of your lifetime!"

Below, you can find some information about the program extracted from the interview with Ferman which was published in October 2012 issue of TRT's magazine "VIZYON". My English may sound a little Turkish in some places. Sorry about that.

Ferman's program will be a musical travel guide through Anatolia which was Ferman's long-planned project.There will be 13 45-minute episodes and the program will last 3 months.

Ferman will be travelling through Anatolia in this program. He's going to go to 13 cities, visiting small towns and villages. He's going to interview with the village people and find out about the history around the area, about the ethnic origin of the local music and the historical influences on local music, etc. He's going to share with us which languages have been used around the area throughout the history, what kind of songs have been sung. And then we're going to hear local songs, melodies and poems from the local people's voices.

The goal of the program is to discover unheard music that doesn't belong to pop culture. And with this, the audience will have a chance to get hold of the culture of the city and its people.

He's going to pick one of the songs or melodies, rearrange it and get a famous singer (he said that they would be mostly his close rocker friends) recorded it in the studio. Recording it, the famous singer will hear the original recording of the local song from the village and at the end they're going to create a duet song! By doing so, he's going to give us a new song which hasn't been heard until today and changed into a different sound! This may be an anonymous song or an unheard melody. What's important is that the audience will have information about the region in 45 minutes and enjoy the beauty of the unheard melodies after the professional touch in the studio which is very thrilling.

He's going to go to 13 Turkish cities and Aegean Samos Island (where is a personal favorite of Ferman) during this program. His main goal is to show that there are cultural values, hidden emotions and civilizations behind every piece of music; to share the Anatolian values which are about to be forgotten and to share the musical material which influences maNga's music.

The concept of the program belongs to Ferman, maNga and the producer Emre Eren.

The target group will be the young audience. Also, he's planning to share the program in the social networks. They're going to share the episodes, the behind-the-scenes videos and photos taken by Charles Richards in the villages.

This is the official Facebook page of the program "Kulaktan Kulağa" ("From Ear To Ear").

Kulaktan Kulaga Official Facebook Page

This is what Ferman is trying to do in his program "Kulaktan Kulaga" ("From Ear to Ear") on TRT Muzik channel.

I'm very thrilled about it. We know how maNga can convert any song into completely different song like they did with "Ya Evde Yoksan", so it's going to be very exciting to see how the local songs will be changed in Ferman's magical hands. :)

You can watch the episodes online on TRT MUZIK's KULAKTAN KULAGA video page:


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